How to Vegan Online Program
How to Vegan Online Program
How to Vegan Online Program
How to Vegan Online Program

How to Vegan Online Program

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Looking To Go Vegan Or Improve Your Current Vegan Diet? My 8 Week Online Program Can Help You Finally Make The Change & Stay On Track.

The program is designed to give you all the tools you need to make long-term changes to your diet & embrace a vegan diet high in whole foods.

You'll receive recipe books, easy to prepare sample meal plans, live Q&A with Dave  each week plus all the information you'll need to implement the changes. You'll have access to our private Instagram page where we'll be sharing daily posts and helpful tips.

The program into 4 topics;

One - The Basics

  • Finding your why & vegan basics
  • How to build a meal plan & shopping as a vegan
  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks
  • How to build a balanced meal
  • Shopping & cooking tips

Two - Nutrition 101

  • Learn all about proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, and carbohydrates
  • Energy balance, losing, maintaining or gaining weight
  • Protein targets based on the latest research
  • Supplements you actually need
  • Have your nutrition plan optimized (calculating calories, macros, structuring meals) and questions answered

Three - Building Better Habits & Vegan Fitness

  • Learn how to overcome cravings & build better habits
  • Training as a vegan & how to manage nutrition
  • How to lose/gain weight on a vegan diet
  • How to track your food
  • Pre/Post-workout nutrition

Four - After The Course

  • All about planning your week ahead & meal prepping
  • Dealing with the social side of going vegan
  • Vegan travel & eating out tips
  • Dealing with friends, partners, and family members who are not vegan

Weekly live Q&A sessions, access to a private online community, weekly emails, and friendly coaches & an opportunity to get all your questions answered.

This course is for you if…

  • You've been trying to make more vegan meals and need inspiration and support.
  • You've tried to go vegan before but lacked the motivation, or found it difficult to sustain.
  • You've decided to go vegan or make more vegan choices but you're worried about nutrient requirements, proper supplementation and how to build your new vegan meals.
  • You've been looking for a more balanced approach, one that isn't about restriction or deprivation, and that will give you all the tools you'll need to make this transition easily, in one easy to access platform.

The program starts on June 7th 2021