Should You Track Your Food?

Should you track your food on a daily basis and why is this important?

Tracking your daily food intake is nothing new, but recently the use has become more common with the addition of different apps like myfitnesspal & Cronometer plus many more. Here are some benefits of doing this and why you might consider it.

1. Without tracking you have very little idea about what you are consuming each day other than a rough idea. You might be over or under consuming calories, consuming the wrong calories or be deficient in one or more vitamins, minerals etc. By tracking even one day per week you can begin to correct those mistakes.

2. You start to build up knowledge of foods and their macro & micro breakdown, which helps when shopping and preparing meals. It's not something you need to be concerned with for every meal, but over the day you want to ensure you're hitting your targets. Thankfully most apps give you targets for the day, so by logging, you can easily see where you are. I also think of it as a mini nutrition lesson each day!
3. it's especially important for new vegans who are more likely to under-consume calories and miss certain essential vitamins & minerals. By tracking these, we can clearly identify any we're missing or are low on and add certain foods or supplements to counter this.

So there are some reasons why you should use a food tracking app, at least once every few days, just make sure you're staying on track and not missing out on anything that might harm your recovery or health.

I use Cronometer both with clients and personally and would strongly recommend! It's completely free too!

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