Online Coaching - What is it and how does it work?

Online coaching is relatively new, but it’s a growing trend in the health and fitness industry, it opens up the world to you and helps you find a coach better suited to your needs.

Online coaching
I started online coaching last year, mainly as a way to better reach people around the world. I saw that plenty of people had personal trainers & coaches, but very few had access to coaches who were vegan and understood their needs. People constantly tell me that their current or previous coach told them they needed to consume eggs, dairy or meat and had little understanding of vegan diets, so I wanted to improve this and help people get strong, fit & healthy on a fully vegan diet.

What is online coaching?
Online coaching is simply a more flexible way to reach your health & fitness goals because everything is online, all the info is in your pocket and you can easily communicate with your coaches when needed.

Below are some of the main benefits;

More affordable - Online coaching is generally more affordable than in-person coaching. You will most likely get a month of online training for the price of 1 or 2 in-person sessions.

Greater accountability - By having someone there to motivate you and offer encouragement plus check-ins, you are more likely to stay on track and get the help you need when you are struggling.

Time - Working with an online coach offers greater flexibility and allows you to train at a time that suits you.

Communication - We provide clients with easy communication, all at the touch of a button. Got a question? Simply open Whatsapp or email and get a response within minutes, no need to wait until the next session. We also have a private client only Instagram page, with daily updates.

Less wasted time - How many times have you gone to the gym or started to meal prep without any idea of what you’re doing and ended up mindlessly moving around the gym or scrolling through Instagram for ideas. By having a coach you can prevent this, all your workouts are ready to go and we have a full meal prep post available each Saturday. Don’t like those recipes? We can help find ones you like quickly.

How does our online coaching work?
All our programs are personalized and you have direct access to us on Whatsapp, plus weekly Skype calls. This means you can quickly ask a question about training or nutrition and receive a response ASAP, usually within minutes. This just isn’t possible with traditional personal training.

Our training coaching depends on where you are starting, but our focus is to get you stronger, fitter and more active overall with better mobility. We are more interested in seeing you do a perfect deadlift, more push-ups, your first pull up etc than focusing on hours of cardio and rapid unsustainable weight loss.

Our vegan nutrition coaching is based around making small changes each week and giving you the tools to make long term changes, not short term fad diets. We make sure that your nutrition supports your fitness and health goals and it’s something you can sustain for the long term.

We do not do meal plans as I don’t believe they work in the long term and are too inflexible and it removes you from the process. Also, only registered dieticians are legally qualified to create specific meal plans for their clients. I understand this happens a lot, but it is not something we currently offer.

Instead of meal plans, we help you build your own by using a mix of our recipes, sample plans and recipes you currently enjoy, we then work with you to fit them into your own meal plan based on your calorie & macro recommendations that we provide. We also make sure you are consuming enough micronutrients like vitamins & minerals, something that is often overlooked but can have a massive impact on your fitness & health. This process generally takes 2-4 weeks and at the end, you’ll have a plan you can actually stick with, not something with a generic meal like tofu, broccoli & rice 5 times a week.

In a nutshell, you get greater access to your coaches online, we are 100% vegan based, so you don’t have to worry about where to get your protein.

How we deliver our coaching
We use 3-4 apps in our online coaching: one for fitness, one for nutrition, and 1-2 for communication depending on what suits you best. After you’ve signed up and we've discussed your goals, you’ll be sent a link to download the apps plus any other info you’ll need like sample recipes, nutrition basics, sample meal plans, etc. We also add you to our private client only Instagram page. Below there’s a brief overview of the apps we use to deliver our services.

Training app
For training, we use our own My Pt Hub, we’ve had great feedback on this since we started using it and it’s an integral part of our coaching. It’s simple to use, you can quickly see the day’s workout, input the weights, reps etc and we can quickly see how you’re doing, track progress and may changes as needed.

Nutrition coaching
We use Cronometer for nutrition coaching. You simply log your food onto the app and we can clearly see the breakdown and make changes as needed, perhaps you’re protein intake is low, we suggest some meals or foods and we track again. Cronometer is also great for tracking micronutrients like iron, calcium etc, hence why I’m a massive fan. By working with us you also get access to the Gold edition and unlock extra features.

Usually, after tracking for a few weeks people quickly understand the breakdown of their meals and there is less need to track.

As mentioned above we use a mix of Whatsapp, Instagram, Skype and Email to communicate with clients. Whatsapp is perfect for day to day questions, Skype for your weekly check-in call, our private Instagram group for all our group posts like recipes, habit challenges etc and emails for everything else.

How could our online coaching work for you?
If you are currently vegan or someone who is interested in going vegan, but is struggling with what to eat, looking to gain muscle on a vegan diet or just simply trying to expand your knowledge around vegan food and improve their meals, we can help you with your goals.

At the moment we have 2 programs, our 12-week vegan muscle building program, which focuses on building as much lean muscle & getting as strong as possible in 12 weeks and our 4-week vegan nutrition program, for those that just need help with their vegan diet.

If you’ve come this far and want to try out our programs, our 12-week muscle building program is currently on special offer, so drop us an email or Instagram message if interested. Just interested in the 4-week nutrition program, take 15% off with code “15%” or use this link. Valid until 31/01/2019.