About Me - David

Hey all, so this one is just a bit of an introduction about myself and how & why I moved from the guy getting raw meatballs as my birthday cake to 100% plant-based!

I don’t put too much personal info on Instagram, so thought I’d give people an idea here. I’m 28, from Ireland where I grew up surrounded by the meat and dairy industry, as my family is heavily involved in dairy processing and farming. I’ve also been pretty active in sports since a child and still am, mainly playing rugby, but also football, powerlifting and have been a regular gym goer since school. As a consequence of this, my diet was very heavy on meat & dairy and this only intensified as I grew older, started training harder and wanted to increase my protein consumption. 

A typical day of eating in my late teens/early 20’s was greek yogurt with granola for breakfast, a couple of chicken breasts with pasta and some ground beef with potatoes and a bit of veg. On top of this, I probably had a liter or 2 of milk, plus lots of cheese and butter. As with a lot of people I thought this was the only way to make gains in the gym and perform on the rugby pitch.

David Cleary Vegan PT
Transition to a vegan diet
My journey to veganism probably started while working with an organic coconut water brand in California in 2013, where a vegan/plant-based diet was beginning to go mainstream and the dairy-free options were exploding. After returning to Ireland to finish my degree, I began to research this and some of the health benefits. I slowly reduced my milk consumption first and began cooking vegan meals, but still consumed a lot of meat, so much so that my birthday cake on my 24th birthday was a raw meatball cake!

After finishing college in 2014, I immediately started a company producing fresh almond milk and cashew milk, drastically reduced my dairy consumption to almost zero and started having 100% plant-based days, but the switch to veganism only happen in January 2017.

After a meaty Christmas, I could no longer face another pile of meat and stumbled across the Veganuary challenge, where you go vegan for the month of January and that was it, 2 years later I’m still vegan and the thoughts of my old diet disgust me, especially those dried up chicken breasts!

I firmly believe it’s a healthier choice, better for the environment and reduces the exploitation of animals and I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to go vegan.

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