3 Meal Prep Tips

If you are struggling to get your calories in or resorting to poorer choices, but by improving your meal prep and having some meals on hand hopefully we can avoid this. Without proper nutrition, all the gym work is wasted and you won’t hit your goals! 


Basic but important, first of all, you’ll need to invest some containers to put your meals or ingredients into. Always having a few containers and resealable bags on hand makes you far more likely to prep meals or store your leftovers and bring them with you.

Cook once, eat twice
While you might not have time to cook a big batch of food each time or may not want to, even doubling up meals will at least give you one extra meal. Something like a tofu stir-fry cooked for dinner can easily be doubled and put into the fridge for the next night. 

Balanced Meals
Your meals should look something like this at the end. Lots of fruit or veg depending on the meal, carb sources like rice, sweet potato, quinoa, potato, protein source like legumes (which also contain carbs), leaner protein sources like tofu, tempeh, quorn etc. and a fat source from something like avocado, tahini, nuts or seeds.

A dinner might look something like this:
Courgette, red pepper, onion, spinach (veg)
Sweet potato (carbs)
Black beans (protein + fats)
Tofu (protein)
Tahini dressing (fat source)


Hope this help you in your future meal prep!