• Online Coaching - What is it and how does it work?

    Online coaching is relatively new, but it’s a growing trend in the health and fitness industry, it opens up the world to you and helps you find a coach better suited to your needs. 

  • Should You Track Your Food?

    Should you track your food on a daily basis and why is this important?

    Tracking your daily food intake is nothing new, but recently the use has become more common with the addition of different apps like myfitnesspal & cronometer plus many more. Here are some benefits of doing this and why you might consider it.
  • Which Workout Split Should I Use?

    It can be massively confusing for people to know when to work out, what exercises to pick and what number of sets & reps to do, so I want to break down a few ideas as simple as possible for people to follow, especially if you're new to the gym.
  • About Me - David

    Hey all, so this one is just a bit of an introduction about myself and how & why I moved from the guy getting raw meatballs as my birthday cake...
  • Peanut Butter Vanilla Protein Smoothie

    High Protein Vegan Smoothie with Vivo Life Perform.
  • Tempeh 101

    Tempeh is a meat alternative made from cooked and fermented soybeans, The cooked beans are pressed and shaped into a brick.
  • Dark Chocolate & Orange Coconut Yogurt Bowl

    This orange & dark chocolate coconut yogurt bowl is a delicious snack which takes minutes to prepare with only a few ingredients.
  • Protein on a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet v Traditional Western Diet

    The NHS recommendation of 0.75g of protein for adults for each kilogram they weigh, but sportspeople, athletes, bodybuilders, and even regular gym ...
  • Full Day of Vegan Meal Prep

    Here’s some extra help with your meal prep. Meal prep can obviously save you a lot of time the next day and having a proper meal prepped will help you stay on course.

    Here are 3 easy to prepare meals that can be done the night before.
  • 5 Simple Tips For New Vegans

    5 simple tips for new vegans or people transitioning to a vegan diet.
  • 3 Meal Prep Tips

    If you are struggling to get your calories in or resorting to poorer choices, but by improving your meal prep and having some meals on hand hopefully we can avoid this. Without proper nutrition, all the gym work is wasted and you won’t hit your goals! 
  • Welcome

    Welcome to our new website, we'll be sharing lots of vegan & fitness related content here so be sure to check back soon!